The Museu da Casa Brasileira (MCB) addresses topics and questions regarding Brazilian housing habits due to the architectural and design biases. Every year the museum promotes a poster contest to advertise its design prize, aimed at local product design.

My entry was one of the selected posters to integrate the poster exhibition.

One of the main evaluation topics indicated in the contest briefing was the ease of shipment, at low cost. Accounting on it I have designed a folding poster to be printed on regular paper, AP 90 gm / m², on conventional inkjet printers. ​​​​​​

The poster fits in a office/legal envelope and can be sent as a regular letter for R$ 0.28 (U$ 0.07). The main element of the poster is the illustration of a paper shredder crushing the poster from the previous year's edition, awarded by the judging comittee (31º Prêmio Design Casa Brasileira).
The use of the illustration in my proposal represents an attempt to overcome the traditional and repetitive poster design aesthetic, primordially concrete and typographic posters.
judging committee: Chico Homem de Melo, Flávia Nalon, Gabriel Ribeiro, Gal Oppido and Luís Bueno.

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