Music video for “Um Sopro”, by Guto Brant.

“'Um Sopro' is a song about time, its inexorability and our insistence, as a generation, in a way of life marked by the excess of work and consumption, repeating (and intensifying) a logic to which generations previous to ours" explains Brant.

Guto approached Doidera TV (Andrei Oliveira and Vitor Meuren) with the intention of creating an unique animated short, featuring original illustrations that would reference the main ideas of the song. While most of the scenes portrait Brazilian daily life - the duo decided to use 2D frame by frame animations, a bright color palette and acid humor to convey the narrative into a full of details and easter-eggs animated short.

Sticker pack created for use on social

Illustration process steps + scene object concept

Frame by frame animated icons + character pose 

Ending sequence sketches + planning

Ending sequence styleframes

Guto "Um Sopro" 

Created by Doidera TV
Illustrations by Andrei Oliveira
Animation and Composition by Vitor Meuren
Scenarios/ Additional Illustrations by Vitor Meuren
Photogrametry (3D Totem) by Amanda Brabo 
Song by Guto Brant
Mixed by Lucas Luis
Mastered by Bunker Analog

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