15 × 22", two colors —  BFK Reeves 250g/m²

A simple message to pubs all abroad. As an amateur musician and a rock scene enthusiast I have always been in favor of every movement that supports local musicians and their work as independant artists and producers, independently of their style. Woodcut relief matrixes handcarved and printed on regular roll presses. I have started carving red and black matrixes to compose the final overlay drawing, red and then black.  The text were added later and printed with wood types on a Van der Cook press.

The illustration is inspired on New York CBGB's Fascade, a renamed Pub in East Village, opened in 1973, responsible for many historical concerts of punk rock and rock scene in general.
CBGB's Fascade, 315 Bowery East Village, NYC. 1998
John Varvatos, 315 Bowery East Village, NYC. 2015
12 × 16", Matrixes —  Half Inch Lightweight MDF.

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